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North Yorkshire

Giants, smugglers, pirates, Dracula, Harry Potter, and views to blow you away...

The little fishing town of Whitby has a secret.

It's not that it has the best fish and chips in the UK - everyone knows that. No, it was the infamous home (and final resting place?) of the dark prince himself - Dracula!

Come with us for a journey through the impressive landscapes of North Yorkshire with stories of smugglers, giants and pirates, plus a few stops along the way including Hogsmeade station. Even muggles can get on the train here!

We continue on to lovely Whitby where you can explore the winding streets, walk on the beach, see the ruins of the Abbey that inspired Bram Stoker to set his famous novel here and watch the fishing ships come in at the harbour while eating your fish and chips. Just watch out for the seagulls!

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"I had a great day. The trip leader did a great job. All the staff were really friendly. " - Jenny, Australia (Oct 2019)

"Thank you for the trip! I realised it was my last one which makes me a little bit sad but it was cool that Nevil was very positive on every trip! The best thing is that on every trip there's a lot of people from the same uni and there's a great atmosphere on the trips. Great job! Thank you! :)" - Anni, Finland (Nov 2018)

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