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A grand Georgian city with a Roman past

There are just three hot springs in the whole of the UK. All of them are here in Bath.

The Romans first made the city famous and whether you want to see their original baths or relax in the modern day spa, it is clear that the waters of the goddess Sulis have shaped this city.

Explore the grand old streets of this fashionable resort with a local guide and journey back to 18th century England - a time of wealth and leisure, social codes and fancy balls, all led by the infamous Master of Ceremonies. Wandering amongst the elegant architecture of this World Heritage Site it's not too difficult to imagine bumping into Jane Austen herself. 

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"I really liked this trip. Bath has a lots of history and a lot of things to visit. I enjoyed a lot the landscapes in Stonehenge. I'm looking forward to go to another trip with you! " - Cristina, Spain (Nov 2017)

"Great tour and location. very nice driver and trip leader, well organized and very helpful! " - Cassie, Australia (Nov 2017)

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