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Recruiting Trip Leaders

6 Sep 2012 We are recruiting Trip Leaders in Durham and Newcastle

Wanted: Amazing folk to lead great trips! Interested?


16 Aug 2012 We're recruiting 2012/13 Trip Leaders

Love travelling & experiencing different cultures?

Fancy spending your weekends getting paid to entertain international students on trips around the UK?
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<textarea class="mceEditor" id="story_body" name="story[body]"><p><strong>These vacancies have now been filled, but keep checking back for positions advertised here in Spring 2012.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Part-time Trip Leaders | </strong>Based in Leeds (to travel throughout the UK)<br />&pound;70 / day</p>
<p>Due to popular demand we're looking for&nbsp;2 <em>Don&rsquo;t be a tourist</em> Trip Leaders to accompany and entertain international students on our 1 &amp; 2 day weekend trips starting in July 2011 for a minimum of 1 year.</p>
<p><strong>Is this job for you?</strong><br />See the&nbsp;<strong><a title="Trip Leader Job Specification" href="/news/show/8" target="_blank">Job Specification</a></strong>&nbsp;&amp; <strong><a title="Trip Leader Person Specification" href="/news/show/9" target="_blank">Person Specification</a></strong> to find out if the job is for you and you're the person we're looking for.</p>
<p><strong>How to apply</strong><br />If you think you could work as a Trip Leader organising &amp; motivating up to 50 students from around the world on 1 &amp; 2 day weekend trips starting in July, be ready to tell us why when you call us before Sunday 10th July on <strong>0844 579 6949</strong>&nbsp;and when prompted enter the mailbox number <strong>25742</strong>&nbsp;and follow the instructions&hellip; in fact&nbsp;give us a&nbsp;call NOW!</p>


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