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What's It Like?


97.6% would recommend Don't be a tourist to a friend
96.3% thought their trip was good value for money

Feedback from 700+ travellers on all trips from Sep 2010 to August 2011.


"We were lucky in terms of the weather. The walk up to the mountain was amazing. Really enjoyed it up there. Good programme, good timing. " - Christian, Germany (Oct 2018)

"Thank you for the trip! I realised it was my last one which makes me a little bit sad but it was cool that Nevil was very positive on every trip! The best thing is that on every trip there's a lot of people from the same uni and there's a great atmosphere on the trips. Great job! Thank you! :)" - Anni, Finland (Nov 2018)

"Great tour and location. very nice driver and trip leader, well organized and very helpful! " - Cassie, Australia (Nov 2017)

"I appreciate that the first thing on the list was a guided tour, that really helped me get my bearings before having time to wander around the city and see as much as I could. I appreciated that we didn't have to buddy up or anything like that, because it allowed me to go to the places I wanted to for as long as I wanted to. The meeting point for the pick-up was also easy to locate, and allowed me to not worry about finding my way back. I also appreciated the map that we were given, as using landmarks helped me find my way to the places I wanted to go." - Cameron (US) Feb 2017

"I loved every minute of it!! Our group was awesome, I met so many people, and the guides were so helpful. I liked that we could pick the stuff we want to do and it didn't feel like a 'tour', more like friends travelling." - Sam, America (Mar 2013)

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