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What's It Like?


97.6% would recommend Don't be a tourist to a friend
96.3% thought their trip was good value for money

Feedback from 700+ travellers on all trips from Sep 2010 to August 2011.


"I thought the trip was very organised and the little activities prepared was great as well." - Aisya (Malaysia) October 2014

""Really beautiful trip and the group guide were very nice"" - Julia (France) November 2016

"I loved this trip. Perfect balance of planned activities and free time. The leaders are nice and sociable and the group were fun. " - Sydney, Leeds Uni (Oct 2016)

"The trip was great. I think that overall it was well planned out." - Courtney, USA (Nov 2013)

"I really liked this trip. Bath has a lots of history and a lot of things to visit. I enjoyed a lot the landscapes in Stonehenge. I'm looking forward to go to another trip with you! " - Cristina, Spain (Nov 2016)

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