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97.6% would recommend Don't be a tourist to a friend
96.3% thought their trip was good value for money

Feedback from 700+ travellers on all trips from Sep 2010 to August 2011.


"I will definitely be booking trips through 'Don't Be A Tourist' in the future! Our trip leader, Lauren, was enthusiastic and friendly, and the entire trip went smoothly! I was very pleased with the price of the trip, as well. I will absolutely recommend this company to other fellow study abroaders!" - Maria (America) October 2019

"As always: a great trip to a beautiful city with so many cool people! If any of my friends back home had the opportunity to go on one of your trips, I would definitely and 10/10 recommend it to them! Nevil, you rock :-)" - Celina, Germany (Nov 2018)

"I had a lot of fun on this trip. I thought Dave was very funny, nice and overall a great guy. The hostel was also great (I was in a 4pers bedroom w en suite bathroom, which made me even happier), good breakfast, great optional tours, and a fun group of people. And Edinburgh is absolutely gorgeous." - Robyn (Holland) March 2018

"Fantastic! Really love it! got enough time experiencing the city. Looking forward to the next trip!" - Iris, Spain (Sep 2017)

"I loved every minute of it!! Our group was awesome, I met so many people, and the guides were so helpful. I liked that we could pick the stuff we want to do and it didn't feel like a 'tour', more like friends travelling." - Sam, America (Mar 2013)

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