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What's It Like?


97.6% would recommend Don't be a tourist to a friend
96.3% thought their trip was good value for money

Feedback from 700+ travellers on all trips from Sep 2010 to August 2011.


"The trip was great. I think that overall it was well planned out." - Courtney, USA (Nov 2013)

"Everything about the trip was wonderful down to the trip leaders and bus trip to Edinburgh itself. It felt like I had a lot of freedom, despite it being a group trip. I would love to do it again." - Bryan (USA) Dec 2019

"Thanks for making my first weekend in the UK so much fun! Liverpool was a great city and you guys helped me to see it easily, while making heaps of friends. Thanks DBAT!" - Kelly, Australia (Sep 2017)

"It just was a great trip :)" - Holger (Sweden) March 2014

"Everything was great, the long bus ride didn't seem so long thanks to the stops, the Friday night dinner was delicious, the tours were interesting and not too information-packed, leader and guide were great" - Emily, Canada (Nov 2018)

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