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97.6% would recommend Don't be a tourist to a friend
96.3% thought their trip was good value for money

Feedback from 700+ travellers on all trips from Sep 2010 to August 2011.


"I appreciate that the first thing on the list was a guided tour, that really helped me get my bearings before having time to wander around the city and see as much as I could. I appreciated that we didn't have to buddy up or anything like that, because it allowed me to go to the places I wanted to for as long as I wanted to. The meeting point for the pick-up was also easy to locate, and allowed me to not worry about finding my way back. I also appreciated the map that we were given, as using landmarks helped me find my way to the places I wanted to go." - Cameron (US) Feb 2019

"All together it was a wonderful weekend and I felt all the time supported. The hostel was very nice and clean. Cardiff is a great city. Katy is a very nice and driven person. :)" - Binyu (China)

"everything was perfectly fine and I had a lot of fun! perfect weekend!" - Franziska (Germany)

"The trip leader was funny and talked about some interesting facts about the city - not boring :) " - Marte, Spain (Sep 2016)

"Travelling with DBAT was definitely the easiest way to do it. The trip leader's are really helpful, friendly and a good laugh, everything is sorted for you (hostel, transport, stuff to see and do) and the group are cool. I made some great friends on this tour. Thanks DBAT!" - Dan S (UK) University of Manchester

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